Last modified: Thursday, 18. February 2010 - 12:31 pm

Vanessa Benelli Mosell plays Stockhausen in BARGA

The Plasmatics — It’s My Life

It’s hard to say enough about how awesome Wendy O Williams was!

Handel — Sarabande — on Guitar

Motörhead — One Track Mind

Arvo Pärt — Für Alina

Karlheinz Stockausen — May 1972 — Lecture to the Oxford Union on ‘Four Criteria of Electronic Music’.

Kraftwerk — Tour de France

Dirty Boots — Sonic Youth — Super Awesome!

Ween — Baby Bitch Live — The normal insanity from Ween!

I Wanna be Your Dog — 1979 — Iggy Pop — Just in case anybody forgot how cool he is!

Leadbelly —Take This Hammer

John Lee Hooker — Hobo Blues

F—ing Ween is the best band ever!

Slim is the man!

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